Ydych chi'n chwilio am barti gwahanol a chreadigol?  Dewch yma atom ni i ddathlu!  


Cyfle i bawb greu ei bizza ei hun (ac i'r rhai dewr; cyfle i daflu a rhowlio'r toes). Dim angen darparu bwyd, dim angen paratoi adloniant, dim angen paratoi bagiau parti ac yn bwysicach oll dim angen llnau wedi i bawb fynd adra.  


Gadewch i ni wneud popeth.  Addas i bawb o'r rhai ifanc i'r rhai ifanc eu hysbryd (mae gennym far llawn os yw'r gwesteion dros 18 oed).

Cysylltwch efo ni am fwy o wybodaeth

Are you looking for a different and creative way to celebrate an event? Come and join us to party!

A chance for everyone to create their own pizza (and the brave ones can try rolling and tossing the dough)!  No need to supply food, no need to prepare entertainment, no need to prepare party bags and most importantly no need to clean after everyone's left.

Leave everything to us.  Suitable for everyone from the young ones to the young at heart (we've got a full bar available if the guests are over 18).  

Contact us for more information      01286 870 370